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Introduction About Our Institute

Subhash chander

Guardian Ek Bharosa (GEB), which was formally launched as such in the year 2017, has emerged as an institution of eminence in the field of competitive examinations, especially the one’s being conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC)/NTA. Though set up in August 2017, it in fact finds its roots in the 1990s when Shri Subhash made a humble and modest begging by starting teaching in a small room in Tilak Nagar. Since then, its students have, over the years, performed exceedingly well and secured high rankings in the various examinations, like CGL, Stenographer Grade C & D, CHSL, MTC etc. Today many of them are rendering their yeoman service in the various Departments/Ministries of the Government of India. It is indeed a matter of pride for the Institute that today a large number of such candidates are making their presence felt across the globe duly discharging their duties and responsibilities as a diplomat and representative of India while serving in various capacities in the Ministry of External Affairs.

The holistic approach of GEB aims to ensure the overall development of students, rather than solely focusing on academic performance. It includes drafting structured curriculum, study materials, giving expert guidance and rendering mentoring and counselling services. GEB organises workshops or sessions to help students build important skills such as time management, critical thinking and problem-solving. Although set up in the year 2017,

Over the years, the GEB has carved a niche for itself in the very brief period of its existence. The faculty of the Institute, which consists of experienced members who were primarily once its senior students and have got vast knowledge and experience of extant examination pattern being in vogue. The holistic approach of the Institute on the one hand enables the students to crack the exams with ease; on the other, it makes them lead a very successful and contented life even thereafter. The faculty is being spearheaded by a father-like figure (Guardian) who is the sole fulcrum (Ek-Bharosa) for both the students and their parents to catapult their lives on a higher plane. The faith reposed by them in the faculty bolsters its confidence and gives encouragement to do their best in imparting of skill and technique to them so that they not only outperform their opponents in the field of competition but also turn out to be better human beings to serve the nation and humanity.